How do you update your computer system?

I have a need to get a faster computer. The problem is I have a LOT of plugins and virtual instruments, presets, etc.

What are you thoughts on how to make the transition without having to try and re-install what has taken a couple of years to get to this point?

I do know where all my plugins are stored, but some things require ‘installation’, it seems. For example, I wouldn’t know what to do to get the Native Instrument stuff working (except Kontakt) without re-installing.



Most likely you will have to reinstall your plugins. When I upgraded my computer I knew all of my 3rd party VSTs need to be reauthorized so I just bit the bullet and tidied up where years of stuff was installed to. No fun but, it was well worth it. Good luck. :wink:

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In my experience a clean install gives you the smoothest experience once you’re done. I agree though, it’s no fun.

Of course, for things like sample libraries we’re really only dealing with samples so in those cases you should be able to just copy/past folders and then rescan libraries within the plugins, same as I would with sound effects in Nuendo.

The one thing to do throughout a workstation’s lifetime is to store installers somewhere, as well as store serial numbers somewhere (nowadays I have that in original emails/accounts). And in my case the software I care about lives on my eLicenser and iLok keys. So while it’s annoying I can grab my installers, run them, plug in my dongles and then I’m done. Takes time, but manageable. Better than hunting conflicts and errors after doing differently.

Indeed. I have my licences (those that go there) on iLok. I have a lot of Kontakt instruments, but those should be easy as far as locating, then just need to re-authorise some with Native Access.

I don’t know… maybe even with a couple thousand plugins it would be manageable to install the ones that require it, and re-apply the licences. I can imagine starting Cubase, then spending a day or two just providing requested licence numbers for the plugins being scanned.

And yes, I have all the installers and purchase info saved for each product I have bought/downloaded.

What about saved presets in Cubase? Like, saved plugin chains, VST settings and presets saved via Cubase, etc.? Where are those Cubase presets stored? And of course, the VST Manager list… I do NOT want to have to recreate/re-organize that!

Of course, one option ‘might’ be to take the drives from the old computer and put them in the new system, and see if Windows will install the drivers needed for the new hardware.

Good question for sure.

If I were you I’d just search the knowledgebase or official site or forum and you should be able to find that information. I would expect you would be able to find presets and copy-paste them. Even if you can’t though you should (I hope) be able to open older projects on the new system and re-save as preset as you go along. Annoying and time consuming but doable.

But again, I think you can do a search in the appropriate section…

…ten seconds later;

…ten hours later;

Thanks! :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I’ve done for several upgrades of motherboard+cpu+ram.

Windows seems to sort it all out alright. Then cleanup the registry with CCleaner.


when you update your systems, maybe you must to reinstall the drivers needed for the new hardware.

That has happened automatically on recent versions of Windows.

You put in the new hardware, and Windows tries to get it to work, which is what happens when installing Windows from scratch on a system, but the former process is just more selective about what it has to update.

I cloned my harddrive, made a litle hack in the registry, and moved it to another system. The only thing I needed to do was to reactivate windows. Works every time.
It is described as method 2 in the link below. Just remember to do the hack before you move the drive.

Must have been a Windows 7 issue, because 8 and 10 didn’t need it. Perhaps one of the many changes MS made for 8 under the hood.

That is correct. It was windows 7. Haven’t seen the point of changing to 10 yet.

It is best way to use usb to restore your system, at first you must install the mini system into you usbm then put the ghost file to usb, finnally, you can use the usb drive to reinstall your system.

i have windows 7 and need to update how can i do it

This might help to do an update: