How do you use HALion 4.5

I’ve got HALion 4.5 but for some reason I never use it! If I do it takes up most of the screen!

Can someone please remind me what I can do in HALion 4 that I can’t do in Cubase itself? Apart from make stuttering effects that is.

I need to get my mojo working!

Hi there,

HALion 4.5 is the big Sampler and Synth workstation, the king of our VST Instruments.

I use his majesty in nearly every situation:

  • Importing samples, thicken them up with the HALion 4.5 synth- engine (My favorite usage)

  • creating new synth sounds ( I love it…)

  • loop player, rex player

etc. etc.

For me it is the one-shot solution in nearly every situation. I love the awesome synth- engine and I think the potential of this capacity is far away from nearly every other VST instrument.



If I worked for Steinberg I would say that too :laughing:

But to be honest, Halion 4 is much more than a stutter device indeed. Maybe the actual sampleplayer is a bit unpolished still, but like Marcus said the Synth-engine is fat!
If Steinberg manages to polish the sampleplayer capabilities and add a few missing but essential features (maybe even a step further), I’ll definitly start grabbing Halion 4 more often over Kontakt 5, simply because its an allround workhorse first class.

Jump on it… you won’t regret! :smiley:

For me the best tool since years in making music… can be extremely deep, can be very simple, but very professional!