How do you use the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver?

When I open the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver, I have a device connected that has files under it called PSR-E373.BUP. However, there is no possible device options. How do I get it to read the device lists?

What interface do you have connected?

What do you mean by interface?

What audio interface do you have, that is connected via the USB driver?

Yamaha PSR - E373

And it sends a file called PSR-E373.BUP inside a usb called Yamaha PK (D:)

Ok, so that is a keyboard and connected via USB or MIDI. This is not using the Steinberg USB driver, because that driver is used for audio devices like the Steinberg UR-Series etc.

What do you mean by “it sends a file”? Can you post a screenshot of the USB driver settings?

And what software do you want to use with this keyboard, I guess Cubase, right?

No, I actually want to use FL studio, here is the screenshot.

This is explained in the manual for your device:

You see a .BUP (backup) file because Storage Mode is set to on. You must disable that in order to use your keyboard as an audio interface, and transmit MIDI data.

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When storage mode is off there is no longer a file, would it be possible to connect to the computer without the file?, and how so?

Also, do you have any experience with Fl studio that could help establish connection?

I’ve not touched that in years, but the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver should now be available for selection in the FL Studio settings. FL Studio will then use your keyboard as a low latency audio interface. It might be necessary to set up the MIDI connections so that MIDI data is sent to and from your keyboard.

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Well I have it working now, thankyou.