How do you vote down a feature request?

There are a number of posts asking that Cubase be turned into some Frankenstein version of Live and Bitwig (especially the request to add “clip launching” features to Cubase). Such requests and others of this sort are frankly horrible ideas that would diminish if not ruin Cubase, the premiere tool for serious songwriters and professional composers. I would like the ability to vote down such ill-conceived requests.

Please let me know how.

Thank you.

P.S. If you want the “live arranging” features of Live or Bitwig, please use those programs. Others of us already know what our arrangement will be in advance.

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Not limited to Live and Bitwig, of course, they are free to use any of the following:-

Ableton Live
Bitwig Studio
Apple Logic
FL Studio
MOTU Digital Performer
NI Maschine
Acoustica Mixcraft
Reaper (Playtime)

So, if users could move to those DAW’s at the OP’s request please.

Thankyou for your co-operation. /s

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Curious. How would this ‘diminish and ruin’ cubase?