how do you watch the eq spikes like on logic?

ive seen my logic buddies use there eq and they can see the waveform and see where things need to be cut or rolled off or trimmed with there eq. can you do this within cubase?

Don’t know about within Cubase by the EQ from Toneboosters has this option. The track essentials bundle (of which the eq is a part) is a steal at 25 euros. Can’t recommend it enough!

dont yout think this should be a standard feature if it is not one?

No. Ears are much cheaper than blaming the machine. :mrgreen:

it would be nice to see the waveform to get a more accurate reading of whats going on as the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound. plus the combination of being able to do both makes the mix that much better

The mix is only as good as the engineers ears. You need the speed of light for movies not sound. Why look at spikes all day? :mrgreen: Good recordings don’t have any and bad recordings cannot be polished, even by looking at spikes.

your just saying that to hide that cubase doesnt have it. its a useful function.

Actually Cubase has two Spectrum Analyzers, an offline one and an up to 31 band plugin one.

Not as good as some of the other available plugins out there, but I do like the offline one for certain things.

You may like this one> Free Spectrum Analyzer Plugin, FFT, Real-Time [VST, AU, AAX] - SPAN - Voxengo

can you edit the eq at the same time?

Yes, apart from the offline one obviously. If you want the EQ before the analysis you need to use insert slots 7 or 8 as they are Post-EQ and 1 to 6 are Pre-EQ

can i request this to be in the next update?


In the channel editor behind the EQ curve a representation of the spectrum, and…Also the abbility to choose the spectrum from another channel (with another color or whatever) for comparison (while we are at it)

There are a lot of eq’s outtheire with tha feature (I like the one from fabfilter)
But have it native in the editor would be awesome.

Greetz Dylan.

i think it would be simple coding to show whats going on. like send signal through the eq. or just a revamp of the eq itself.

FabFilter Pro-Q - Advanced EQ'ing techniques - YouTube this is what im talking about

Perfect for deaf engineers and musicians

ugggh un-useful trolling alert!

Ah! Hippo knows more about Cubase than two weeks in a bedroom.
He is of more use to the forum for his knowledge of studios and DAWs than anyone who just wants to berate the company for not having the latest eye-shadow. :mrgreen:

And he’s right. It would be perfect for the deaf engineer or musician. **That means he supports your position.**He didn’t say it was useless for the perfectly endowed which would have been offensive.

its not my position im just saying its a decent function coz you can start learning where certain frequencies lie from regular practice and use. it should be a standard feature. i just like how logic has it integrated from the start.

I plus 1 this, anyone who says spectrum analysers aren’t useful must be super hot producers, and I’m certainly not !

Yes that is the one I mean! (Off topic, the Mid/side feature is awesome.)