How do you write 'waw' over each note, and or '+-o'?

If I use default text it doesn’t stay in same place - is there an equivalent to technique text from the ‘other’ software?

Create a custom playing technique for it and it should stick to the notes.


Write “plunger” at the beginning of the passage and + or o to indicate closed or open.

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Many thanks for responding. I am all too aware of the numerous way people notate these but…I’m really looking to know how I can write waw over each of the notes (consistent with the source material) - was willing to settle for +o until, as Robin mentioned, I found out that is also something that needs to be customized. I’m guessing it is not possible to put waw over each note and have it’s position unaffected by the pitches of the notes. Thanks again,

It’s usually spelled “wah”, as in wah-wah mute. Maybe your source differs on this.

Are you looking to have all the indications on a level baseline? Like this?

Instead of by the notehead, like this?

All of the Jazz at Lincoln Center “Essentially Ellington” publications use “wa” so I find that to be much more common than either “wah” or “waw.” EDIT: I was trying to think of an obvious example and the Blue Serge perusal score is online.

Good point.

I was, but my melody was leaping around intervallically a little more. In your examples (Fred ;)) - it definitely looks better on the notehead, and I may just settle for that. Thanks for taking the time to respond on this.

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If you don’t care about playback, you could also enter them as lyrics. If you select them and set the placement to Above then they will all align across the system. You may have to deal with removing some extension lines though.

If you want them vertically aligned and frequently on consecutive notes, a playing technique with duration, with continuation set to repeat on each note, is probably quicker than dealing with lyric extension lines.