How does Colors Free work?

OK, I went through the torture of downloading and installing and activating Colors Free and after a while I figured out you have to click the little green squares to change presets and it appears there are only 15 of them.
I watched the video that Dom put out and attempted to make my own preset. Went to the Easel and clicked Reset and added to the 4 slots. Got the sound like I wanted it and then I go back to Patches and see CUSTOM so I double click and change the name. When I hit enter there is no dialog to save and it just loads up one of the built in presets.
How do I save my own presets?
Where is a video that demonstrates how to save presets?

I also got a red $ button and it asked to reset these script modules that had execution errors.
Does Colors Free work or does it not?

A couple funky things… you can’t save presets in Colors Free itself. If you save a Halion multi, your sound is saved.
Also, when you use it in a track, the volumes of all the components go to zero when playback is stopped. This is due to the fact that the volumes are controlled by the Mod Wheel - however, all the components’ volumes are the same level when the mod wheel is used… no ‘relative’ levels are maintained.