How does Cubase handle routing in terms of FX sends and insert FX on vst tracks


I have a question about how Cuabse handles routing. I have a rather large template with every virtual instrument going to a group track. I also have an fx channel with a reverb insert on it for each of the group tracks, with the output of each fx channel to it’s respective group channel. Ie strings reverb send outputting to strings group channel.

Then in each virtual instrument, I have all the appropriate fx channel sends in there. Please see screenshots

My question is, if I want to add an EQ plugin to the insert of an individual virtual instrument track, would that come first in the routing before that signal hits the send fx? In other words, I want to EQ the dry signal of that virtual instrument, not the dry signal plus reverb.

Another question is If I add an insert to the group track, would that EQ hit the virtual instruments dry signals only, or dry signal plus reverb?


You can move the Channel Strip (which includes the EQ) to pre or post Inserts:

There is no such thing as a “send verb”. There are “sends” and then there are reverb plugins. If your reverb plugin is on an insert on the source audio track then see previous post. If your reverb plugin is on an FX track that you send to then your EQ on the source track doesn’t “EQ the reverb”, but it may EQ the signal that gets sent to the reverb.

Thanks for the reply! I’m pretty sure you knew what I meant. If I say “verb” and then “send”, then yes that would mean a reverb plugin on an FX track that gets sent to my virtual instruments track. What I wanted to know was how do I know the hierarchy in terms of fx sends vs insert plugins on the virtual instrument track. So according to what you’re saying, it sounds like insert plugins on the virtual instrument track happens first, before any sends occur correct? As we all know, EQ comes before reverb, so I just want to make sure I’m doing things in proper order.

Does this still apply if I use 3rd party plugins, I really have never opened up the channel strip, I

have it on the side of the session like in the picture.

Didn’t mean to sound… whatever… uhm… some people don’t realize the difference. That’s why I wrote that. Just in case.

In at least Nuendo you’re able to drag a green line to divide your inserts pre-/post-fader. I’m realizing I’m struggling to express what I’m seeing so just do this:

Insert a test generator with a sine wave on your first insert.
Send to somewhere.
Insert an EQ with a high cut filter lower than the sine wave.
Should now be quiet since you cut off the sine wave.

Now move the send between pre-/post-fader.
Move the green line to between the EQ and Test Generator, and back after Generator.

Try all combinations.

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