How does DDP work?

Hi all,

I have made an audio-montage of eight songs in a 53 minutes long gapless flow. I’ve pointed markers so it will be easy to scroll to the next song. All the mastering is done and I completely filled out the cd-text forms on each song and the whole cd. Now I have to send it to the “cd-factory”. Whats the best?

  1. Burn a cd and send it to the factory?
  2. Make an DDP file (actualy it will be a couple of files) and sent them via dropbox/yousentis/wetransfer etc to the factory?

a second question:
I’ve burned a test cd from Wavelab 7. When I put this cd in an other computer, no cd-text appear. I fill in all the boxes en enabeled WL cdtext. What am I doing wrong?

Ask them how they want it.

The player in the other computer is not checking the data from the CD itself, but from an online database. Obviously your just created CD is not known there. So what you can do is find a player that does support CD-text, or use Wavelab to read back the CD-text - like it would with any commercial CD.