How does doubler know which instrument to play for a given flow?

(Apologies for any redundancies - I couldn’t find this exact question answered on the forums, but it’s also hard to search for.)

I have a Player holding both Bb and A clarinets, playing A clarinet in the first flow and Bb in the second flow. There are no instrument changes within flows. (In this case, each flow represents a movement of a piece.)

On the clarinet part, I don’t see any indication of which instrument should be played for a given movement. So a player looking at the part for movement two will have no idea they’re supposed to switch from A to Bb. I can obviously just add text to this effect, but it seems like this is something Dorico should handle automatically. Is there a setting I’ve missed?

Layout Options > Staves and Systems > Staff labels on first system: Full

Thanks for the suggestion. That is a functional solution, for sure, but one I’ve never seen in an actual orchestral part. Staff labels that indent the staff this way make sense for a score but not for an individual part.

Is there a way to have the upper-left-corner part name (for a given flow) reflect the instrumentation for that flow? Or to place staff labels above the staff inside of to the side?

At the moment what you’re asking for isn’t easy - you’d have to do it by way of workarounds. Indicates that you’d best waiting patiently for 2.2, which a) should be released shortly and b) should fix this for you.

For workarounds, search - this is by no means the first time this topic has come up.

Nice to hear that this will be addressed! I don’t mind using simple text as a stopgap solution.

I’m pretty sure this is already implemented in 2.1.10: see the option ‘Show instrument change label at start of flow’ on the Players page of Layout Options.

D’oh! Serves me right for not actually checking Layout Options properly before I posted. Sorry, Daniel, and sorry, Michael.

Thanks Daniel! I guess this one of those features that’s difficult to find through a search of the manual.

The manual hasn’t been updated for v2 yet. It’ll be in the Version History though…