Hi everyone,

I am just finishing of this track which I 100% completed on Cubase, before I send it into the distribution company, could you please let me know the things that you hear shouldn’t be there and also how do you feel about the levels.

Keep in mind, I am not trying to write a digital Mario game track, it doesn’t have to be perfect but levels and quality needs to be professional as possible.

Thank you!

Nearly there. The kick is a bit over subby, I would cut a bit below 40hz and the guitar is a bit harsh. (tame the mids a bit). I hope that helps.

Good , I felt like there was a vocal gonna come after a while but it didn’t start which means you might need to delete some loops … But over all it was a very interesting piece.
The mix was fine IMO
One more thing
As mentioned above the guitar was distorted and harsh which was good but the bass line was not harsh ( harsh means full of crashes and cymbals) maybe make the drums harsher