How does musicxml import assign instruments

When importing musicxml files, how does dorico choose which instrument to use ?
Is there anything in dorico that I can change, so that it chooses the instruments I want ?

I have just imported an orchestral score. Many of the choices dorico has made are ok, but some are not.

As an example : where there is a part for gong, dorico has assigned a piano sound.
I have taken a look at the xml file and it clearly has Gong as the instrument.
(I am using VSL synchron sound libraries, which include gong sounds).

By contrast, where the xml file has Tamtam as the instrument, that is assigned correctly.


Dorico uses a combination of the name of the part as defined in the MusicXML and the sound ID that describes what sound the instrument makes. We do plan to provide a means of adjusting this mapping at the time of input in future, but I can’t say for sure when this will come.