how does one download 10.04?

In regards to the locked post above outlining current issues with 10.05 and 10.5… you mention to install or revert to 10.04.

I was lucky enough to have a 10.04 install located on another machine, so I’m back up and working fine again. But it would have been easier to be able to download it from scratch… and even necessary had I not had 10.04 handy. 10.04 is very stable for me, but I had issues with .5 & .05.

Is there somewhere we can download previous versions when situations like this arise? Or can you in fact instal the 10.04 upgrade over 10.05 and effectively ‘downgrade’?

Cheers, Ad


I’m not Fabio, but I sent you some links via PM.

Cheers Martin…

So you can install 04 over 05… great to know.

Thanks again, Ad


I don’t think so. I would say the OS would inform you, you have a newer version installed.

I guess you have to uninstall/delete Cubase completely. Then install the Full Installer Cubase version (I forgot if it was 10.0.0, 10.0.5 or 10.0.10) and then update to 10.0.40.

Martin.Jirsak could you send me the link for 10.0.40 too, please? 10.0.50 behaves very poorly regarding VST3 and CPU consumption. I’m on Win10.

Hey Martin, I need the download link to 10.0.40 as well for Mac



I sent you PM.


I sent you PM.

Howdy Martin. If you could flick me the link too please that would be muchly appreciated. I can’t do any work at this end and 10.5.10 hasn’t helped.
Mac OS for me :slight_smile:



I sent you PM.

I think this was the last version for Win7 which I am running…
I just got a new Genos and a very old CD came in the “survival” kit.

I don’t know how one is to survive with AI version 6 and a 2GB usb stick.

Thank you for the link, @Martin. Everything went fine.

If you are interested, or would like to ask questions I will try to help.