How does one hide lyrics in parts?

Hello, I am quite sure this question came up here already…
I have lyrics in my score which I don’t want to show up in the parts.
I selected (filtered) the lyrics in the parts and put opacity to zero. The lyrics seem to disappear, but: the extension lines stay visible… How can one solve this?
Btw., the lyrics are Figured Bass numbers (Florians Figurato Font) and I don’t want to have the numbers in the part.

You could select them all and drag them out of the page margin.

I think the most practical solution here is to add one or more extra players and copy the music from the singers with lyrics to these new players, filtering out the lyrics, exclude the new players from the full score layout, and then use these lyric-free part layouts.

Thank you Dan and Daniel,
I went a third route: additionally to changing opacity I scaled the lyrics to 1%, which seemed to have got rid of the extension lines. So far it looks fine now (though I have not printed the parts yet).