How does one uninstall 9.20 and reinstall 9.10?

Thanks for any step-by-step (W10). I’m just trying to get prepared in case I’m one of those users who gets weirdness/buggy behavior after updating.

Thanks for any help!

Control Panel → Programs and Features → View Installed updates → Steinberg Cubase 9.0.20 → Click ‘Uninstall’.

This will revert to the previously installed revision.


Just want to confirm. Is this procedure just for computers running windows? Or does it work on a Mac too? If not for mac, is there a procedure for that OS?

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Hi Prock, only Windows. On Mac you just bin the Cubase app from the Applications folder and re-install, unfortunately.

Thank you for that, Fabio.

(And, if not too off-topic - I’ve been following your contributions to multiple threads on the forum, offering great advice everywhere. It is great to see you helping out so much, it makes the vibe of the forum so much nicer. Thank you!).

Well, thank you! :smiley:

Agreed, Fabio is one of Steinberg’s greatest assets! :laughing:

He is, and also note that he posts here when he’s off work, and not obliged at all.

I just installed the 9.0.20 update & surprise, surprise having problems (I cant even open any old projects).

I’m on Win7 & trying to uninstall the update to roll back as described but it keeps asking me for the location of Cubase9.msi to proceed with the uninstall, which of course I can’t find - it’s not even in a temp folder. I really don’t want to have to uninstall the whole thing & re-install so if anyone can help me out on how to proceed with only the update uninstall that’d be great - thanks!

OK - fixed - I had to dive into the original install.exe & pull it out to get it to work. Phew.

Here’s hoping 9.0.30 isn’t such a dogs breakfast of an update…