How Does Panic Work

I have had issues at the past few gigs where after a few songs, pressing play on a track sometimes (randomly) fails to do anything (note: I am using a USB control device to trigger the play action). The only way to resolve it has been to either restart the application or reboot the laptop running the application. Pressing start using spacebar has no effect when this issue arises.

I was wondering if the Panic mode might be able to resolve this so I don’t need to restart the app or the laptop, but the documentation on that functionality is pretty slim (& hard to test offstage when the issue occurs randomly). Can someone explain what Panic actually does?

Hi! Press “ESC” and see how it’s working :wink:

It sends All Notes Off messages to all MIDI ports, and when enabled in preferences, also resets the audio device.
Originally, MIDI Panic comes from stopping hanging notes, and that’s what VST Live’s Panic function does. Reset audio device can be enabled as well, which however is not what you would normally want to do during a live show. But if the program gets stuck, it is worth a try. It may then not react to mouse input anymore, so it is also a good idea to connect a MIDI controller to its Action (see “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts/Application/Panic”).

Thank you for the detail @musicullum ! It may be just what we need if we find ourselves in a pinch.