How does sidechaining compressors work in Cubase AI? is it even possible in Cubase AI?

I see people have buttons on the top of their vst for side chaining, but i dont see any on mine. I got Supercharge, TDR Kotelnikov, Reacomp, and others trying to figure out how to do “Sidechain compressing” but i just cant get it to work. Can someone teach me how?


They made this feature avialble in Elements 11 (one step up from AI) – this was just last year year. Before that Elements (versions 10.5 and lower) didn’t have the ability either. AI definitely doesn’t have it. You can compare versions here (side chaining is under the Mixing heading):

This guy suggests a work around but it isn’t easy and may not apply for your situation:

There are a few other videos around if you do search but I don’t think most of them really show true side chaining.

Might be a work-around in some cases if your version of cubase allows making quad-bus group tracks.

It’s one of the ways we used to do it before they started adding ‘side chain buttons’.