How does someone go about...

getting reinstated as a member of the forum if they have been guested?

I have often pondered this question. There have been those that have more life than the energizer bunny and seem to live on for ever. I get lost with the workings of the IP address stuff. So what do you need, a new computer, new software, formal admitance by the mods. What is the magic potion? Is there a way to do restitution? A little community service? Is there a front door or a back door? Can we vote someone back onto the island?

To anyone posting on this thread; please be serious in your response. I take this very seriously.

Thank you all in advance,


If need be, feel free to PM me.

I too would like to know the answers to those questions.

Hi John,
As a former admin of another forum, “guesting” and “temporary time outs” and getting re-instated was all feasible.

It works this way.
First, it depends on the personal internet provider. There are two potential options, dynamic IP address and static IP address. Dynamic IP’s change from time to time. Static IP’s do not.

Depending on the features of a forum, you can either ban a member, or ban their IP address. Usually it is just banning a member by their username.

So the user can just create another account and get back in. We saw that a number of times with “Face-Saver”, “brains”, “Sanctimony”, etc… All it means is having to start over with your account, and posts. If a forum can ban by IP, then those who have a static IP are scr3w3d. Those who have a dynamic IP may be able to turn off/on their modem and get a new IP generated (I say “may” because it doesn’t always work that way).

Corporate forums like this may implement a new method of banning, by license… if this is the case, if you only have one Steinberg product/license, then again you’re scr3w3d, and it’s up to the admins to re-instate you.

There are holes in this explanation but essentially that is the way it works.


Personally, I believe the track record of each individual should bear some weight in the determination of discipline. Its that way in the Corporate world, a progressive and methodical system where by everyone is treated fairly, up to and including permanent dismissal. As a manager this is something I have dealt with directly many times over the past 10 years.

We all know which two individuals are in question, reviewing their past indiscretions and previous disciplinary steps would reveal two very different pictures. In light of this I don’t feel in this particular instance that fairness was served well.

I voiced my opinion both privately and openly yesterday. Whilst we mostly believe in democracy, the owners of this forum are not obliged to operate it as one, though I personally wish they would.

I appeal again to Steinberg to re-evaluate/reconsider, with all due respect. Thanks.

In the american sport of baseball, it’s…

Of course, this scenario doesn’t include having balls or not called out by the Ump.

But it only goes to show ya, - ya gotta be on the lookout for that third st_reich_. :wink:

“when they are in the wrong” ???

That’s a point of contention. It’s not wrong to disagree with someone, nor to discuss such matters, nor to seek clarity in the midst of controversy.

If I don’t like a conversation, I can leave the room. Same goes for a forum thread.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. We still need more discussion on this subject, however, I think it is of utmost importance that we stay very close to the subject and not get into personalities that are no longer with us. The moderators have made a decision here and currently are not in the mood to discuss it as shown in the two deleted threads.

I would like concrete methods of coming back to this forum. How is it done? What works? Anyone with first hand experience or a moderator who would like to shine a light on this would be greatly appreciated.

PM’s are fine with me if it is more comfortable.



Everyone was given a clean slate when the new forum began. It’s up to the individual what they do with it. As shown, some choose to continue down the same path that got them axed at the old forum and as a result were banned. Some, having never been banned, but still knowing Steiny’s policies decided the rules didn’t apply to them and got caught up in something that caused their banning.

Two strangers come in your house and start fighting. Are you going to sit there trying to figure who’s wrong and who’s right or are you going to throw both out on their ears?

Coming to a music forum and getting involved in non-music arguments is a sure way to be shown the door. To say or think different is being delusional. This is a company’s site where rules were outlined as a condition of membership. Would you want all the garbage on your site if the roles were reversed?

Yeah, Yeah, got all that. Honest! Nate, ya know, I probably agree with 95% of what you’re saying [ not arguing the 'she said, he said]. I am reserving 5% for the unknown fudge factor. Nate, you are the ‘come back Kid’, not sure who the champ is, there is brains and the rest. My question is ‘how is it done? How do you do it? If ya screw up, can ya get back in, and if so, HOW? Specifics please.


I see my answer to Chris got deleted. That’s fine, as long as he saw it, and read it.

I don’t disgaree that the two in question probably got what they had coming to them (and I’m still surprised I myself didn’t get banned, too, since I was in the middle of it) but that was then and this is now. Both guys are good guys at bottom and solid contributors to the forum, which has really subsided in activity it seems since they were banned. I say let them both back in, with tyhe stipulation they put each other on “ignore,” at least for awhile.

In the old forum all you had to do was register with a different e-mail address due to the automated sign in proceedure. If you behaved, chances are you’d be allowed to stay. With the new forum, since it’s tied to MySteinberg you have to have multiple licenses registered seperately with seperate accounts. I believe that’s how brains had so many lives.

Basically only way back in would be to buy another Steinberg product and register it under a different account.

Personally, I was banned (justly, deserved what I got) for bad mouthing Steiny’s MO. Since the new forum, things have changed and all of the things the users asked for have been implemented from update schedules to communication. They even released a maint. update for C5 long after C6 was out. Shows a new level of commitment on their part, so being as I like to help others, I returned and focused on that rather than getting wrapped up in other’s ruckus. If Glyn had done the same, he wouldn’t be where he is. Chris warned PW where his actions were leading. Glyn should have kept quiet and let nature take its course. Instead, he got involved and got banned. We’re all adults and know what the policies are around here, either personally or seeing the results of the hoopla. I don’t blame Steinberg one iota and hope the cleansing of garbage continues on course. There are other places to have at it without bringing it here, a music forum run by a company. If people want to voice their opinions on politics or religion around here, thing to do would be write a song on the subject.

Keep up the good work Steinberg Team. :sunglasses:

Oof I have seemed to have missed the fireworks… :confused:

There are ways to get back in…

Oh yes indeedy. :wink: :mrgreen:

Well, the strange thing is that Glyn and Paul aren’t banned or ‘guested’, their accounts still exist, but they’re probably not allowed to log in (yet)…

Maybe it’s just a cooling down period?.. :confused:

I hope so, I’d like to see them back… older and wiser… :wink:

Maybe the mods are waiting for them kiss and make up, and promise to be good boys, heh heh heh :wink:.

I stand corrected that Glyn recieved no warnings, but I also stand by my statement that he knew where the path he was on could lead and chose himself to continue down it. :sunglasses:

Much respect to you Nate. This is what makes this a good place.


also, thanks for you input on this matter, I knew you would have insite.

I’m the first to admit my mistakes and willing to take the consequences of them. As I’ve said here and elsewhere, I have nothing against Glyn. It’s too bad he had to get wrapped up in the falderall. I know how tempting it can be, but sitting back and letting nature take it’s course is the best way to proceed. If you enter a war zone, collateral damage and friendly fire are the norm, not the exception. :sunglasses:


Both have recieved warnings from us. They didn’t wantet to stop, so we banned both. We have some rules here and they didn’t wanted to follow them. That is the choice they have made and we made our choice.

Close this one now.