How does that come about?

Hi folks, I have imported a set of sheet music with a line of text.
It is a single line of text,
but there are still overlaps.
How does this happen?

Thank you very much!

Upload the file and someone will tell you!

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I uploaded a screenshot… It’s that shallforreign anything…
Here is the complete Dorico-Project…
Hallelujah.dorico (1.6 MB)

For example:
In measure 26 there is a Ha-le-lu-jah, but there is a “the” over it…
Where does it come from?
If I select and delete it, the “lu” is also deleted (?)

I’m guessing this is an xml import? And Dorico is unable to assign the lyrics to the correct voice.

That right, it is a xml-import. And since Dorico is unable to assign the lyrics to the correct voice, it assigns two lines of text to one voice and lays it over each other?
And if I delete one word of one text-line, the other word of the other text-line is deleted too?
A very strange behavior…

Do you have all the MusicXML import options unchecked?

I have used filtering to move the bass line (the down-stem voice on the bottom line) to a separate staff where you can edit the lyrics.

Hallelujah_altered.dorico (1.7 MB)

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I was wrong (thanks @Derrek for the clue). The lyrics are attached to the correct voice, just overlying each other.
You can Filter for downstem voice, then with that selection still in place, filter for lyrics, and change the lyric line property in the lower panel to separate them.

This passage of the Hallelujah Chorus should definitely be on 4 staves. If you do print it condensed like this, you must put the Tenor lyrics above the staff. Fortunately Dorico automatically makes room for them.


Yes, any work with any kind of counterpoint should be on separate staves.

Thank you all… I think it will take many more hours of training to really get to grips with Dorico.
Since I want to turn the Händel piece into a piano score and the notation is not intended for singing along, I have decided not to include the text for the time being.
Thanks anyway for all your help!

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