How does the circuit with Yamaha dsp work in Steinberg Interfaces? at least in my UR-RT4?

What I need to know is whether it works with converted signal or the original? does the word “processor” means that the signal is fully digital in this case? when I route a guitar to an output without dsp effects, it’s clearly analog signal. But what does dsp do with it? or is dsp-effects just a micro circuit board modulating the signal keeping it analog and merely operated by the processor? If the DSP works with converted signal what comes out in the output - is it a blend of original signal with the processed signal? or is it just processed decoded signal?

My first impulse was to ask you some things that will offend you.

DSP > Digital Signal Processor

Hi Elijah
When your signal enters the UR-RT4 (or any other soundcard out there) the first thing after the gain stage is A/D conversion, meaning your signal is digitized.