How does the elimination of E-license effect my 9.5 elements?

Lot’s of talk about a change in how license verification is going to be done and that the E-license system will be shut down. That’s all well and fine for any new versions that will come out after that but my question is how is that going to effect the Cubase 9.5 elements that I am using now? Am will a patch be available to install or will it do the unthinkable and make 9.5 and other older versions of the program obsolete and unusable? I have no desire to upgrade to a newer version as 9.5 fills all my needs and most importantly, it’s as stable as a rock!


It’s been discussed multiple times on the forum.

Older versions will continue to use the current eLicense just like they do now.

While not necessary, if you intend to remain on 9.5 you might consider moving the Elements eLicense onto a dongle for future portability.