How does this bridge sit with you??

Does it work? Sound good? Or lame? I used the filter plug in in Cubase.

Thanks!! ~BB

If I may make so bold, I think you’re not making anything like enough of it. If you’re going to be sudden, then be sudden. Take it down even further, drop just about everything out but the bare minimum, let it cook for a bar or two then start bring the backing back in and open the filter each time. I think if you’re going to do something as drastic as you’re trying, then you have to really nail it and then give your listeners a chance to get on it before you start developing it. It needs to have a life of its own: whereas at the moment it seems - forgive me - rather purposeless, it has the potential to act as some serious punctuation!

Ok, that’s it, ignore at will, no offence will be taken :smiley:


The whole “lo-fi” (i.e. low fidelity) gimmick has become cliche. I never liked it (my subjective opinion, YMMV).

But Crotchety offers good advice. If you want to go down that path, I suggest you stretch it out and develop like he suggests. That seems the way forward in my view.


Jeez! Are you guys trying to crush my dreams of being a rock star??? [KIDDING] :laughing: Cool. Great advice. The bridge needs something more dramatic. Just can’t quite come up with the right thing. Back to the drawing board…

Thanks for the help!

Cheers! BB

I took the song down. FYI for new people to this thread. I’ll rethink this and post again. Thanks again for your help!


The bridge is good musically. I just don’t care for the effect. It detracts from the overall goodness of the bridge, which can easily stand on its’ own sans gimmicky effect (but I am biased against that particular lo-fi effect, as mentioned before).


I value your opinion. I’m in my own world with this with only you all to bounce off of. I appreciate it!!

I tried to listen but couldn’t access the track. I don’t have a soundcloud acct, but I’m able to listen to other soundcloud tracks. Did you make this one a private track - only for soundcloud acct holders?

I get this error message:

Oops, looks like
we can’t find that page!

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Or just use the search to find what you were looking for


Hi Lenny,

He took it down until he works on it some more:

THIS is why we need to read the entire thread before replying.
My apologies to all who were impacted by my negligence. :wink:

It was on the mobile Soundcloud too wasn’t it? I couldn’t open it on my computer before he took it down. :confused: