How does this programme work...

I have downloaded the trial version of WaveLab Elements 9.5 to try before you buy. At this time Steinberg is offering a special discount to first time buyers.

To be honest, I am more than overwhelmed with the power of this programme.

For me it would be helpful if there were some examples downloadable to show me the basics of this programme .

I have tried importing audio files but some of my audio files just do not meet the requirements. Very frustrating.

I would appreciate help.


some of my audio files just do not meet the requirements

What do mean? What requirements?
do read the manual!

If you mean you’re trying to use File > Import, that’s not the way to open most audio files in Wavelab. Use File > Open.

Thank you PG. I tried opening and importing audio files for example, mp3, mp4 .

Thanks Buer. The Url you provided was and will be a great help.

Thank you bob99. That explanation/comment was a huge help.