How does this work: "Double-click on staff flips between full score/part"

I have it enabled in score settings, but in score editor I can’t seem to ‘flip between full score and part’ by double clicking the staff. If I double click the blue select mark next to a staff it’ll close all other staffs, but double clicking anywhere doesn’t then flip back again.

Any ideas?

Cubase 11/ Windows 10

I don’t know if that actually works. I messed around trouble shooting it for a bit… how about you @Maestro?

I remember we discussed this issue in the forum not long ago.
Give me a minute …

Update: Ok I can’t find any post but I remember this is a bug from Cubase 11 (it works in 10.5).

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I did do a search. There’s some discussion of it working in cubase 10, but I didn’t see anything about it not working.

@maestro is talking about a secret moderator forum, I think. :wink:

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Can I have my half hour back, please?

I confirm!
From Score to a single part = ok
From single part to Score = no