How does this work (Insert Effect)?

Hi there. I am totally new at this and trying to find out how exactly Insert Effects work. (I work with Artist 10.5).

I would like to set different Maximizer and Delay presets to all the different tracks, but when I change the preset of the Maximizer on track 1 (drums) in the Inspector, all the Maximizer presets in all the other tracks change with it? So the bass guitar Maximizer setting changes to the same preset as the drum Maximizer preset. Same for the Delay presets.

I thought I learned that Insert Effects work exclusively for the selected track(s), right?
I.e. when I change it on one tracks the other shouldn’t be affected, right?

What am I doing wrong?

So: You have various audio tracks, right? One for drums, one for guitar, one for bass, etc. - something like that, do you?
Then: You have inserted e.g. a maximizer plugin into an insert slot of track 1, another one into an insert slot of track 2, and so on.
If so, yes the settings of the insert effects should be independent from each other.

Have you - unintentionally - applied any “link” among the audio channels/paramenters?

HTH, Ernst