how does vst processing work

HI, I am thinking of upgrading from v4 to v7 - feature set looks very exciting but a few questions…
How does VST processing work in Spectralayers? I see mention of offline processing for VST3 - does that mean I cant preview the process first? Or play the track with the processing applied? Or are people talking about some other limitation such as automating parameters.
How stable are people finding v7 on win10? What are the major limitations you are experiencing - every bit of software has something annoying so this is not meant to start a complaint-fest, just trying to get a better feel for what is offered given there is no demo and for me the software is quite expensive

It means you can’t change the parameters during the preview (or rather, you can, but you need to re-preview). So yes you can preview, and play your layer with the process applied.

thanks Robin - good enough for the moment and might not be necessary once export all layers is implemented. Look forward to upgrading, just need to figure out whether to buy direct or get one of the Magix bundles