How don't overlapping voice

Hello community!

I have a problem

I don’t want overlapping headnotes of two voices with the same note. How can I Do It?

Please see my preferences in layout options in attachment.

Thank you very much

Hello Italyuser,
in the bottom preference panel you will be able to adjust the „voice column“. I don’t know the Italian term for this in Dorico.

Hello Italyuser
Here’s what it looks like in English …
voice columns.png

Thank you… I’ll try it

I have find voice in engrave mode, but I must switch from write mode to engrave mode…


What is the Italian term here, if I may ask?

In Italy Is “indice della colonna delle voci”

But it is uncomfortable switch from write mode to engrave mode When I write music

There is a New Window in the top menu.
You can open another window and have both side by side - one in Write mode and one in Engrave mode if that helps.
You need a big screen (or a separate screen)

Thank you all…

I have 3 monitor… Fantastic!

I have a perplexity. why if in the layout options I select no overlaps, are the notes still overlapped?

Italyuser, have you chosen the right layout in Layout Options (on the right panel)?

…voice settings are in notation option (not in layout, Sorry). And yes, i have select the only one flow in this project

As far as I can see, there is no option in Notation options to turn voice overlapping off. There are only 2 options for special cases, i.e. dotted notes overlapping non-dotted notes, and half notes overlapping other note values.

It’s true…

in fact I asked if there is a way to separate the voices to make writing faster. an option for this would be fantastic