How excited can you get ?

Well ive been building a Analogue systems and Doepfer hybrid modular for the last couple of months and I can’t believe how excited ive been all the way through the build and im only 3 modules away from finishing my first 9u case .
All I can say is ive been like a teenager with his first synth and it’s good to know that my passion for hardware and synthesis is still as strong as was in the beginning .

47 years old and ive been like a little kid and long may it continue :wink:

What floats your boat :question:

Yes,yes…long may it continue

Photos… or it didn’t happen :mrgreen:

Like when I built my Bloo La2a clone, all waking hours were spent either building it or thinking about it :laughing:

Photo’s of me getting excited or of the D+AS hybrid ? Either way it has certainly happened and photo’s will follow once it’s complete :wink: .
The two most exciting parts are using the legendary (AS) EMS vcs3 vco’s and the mix and match of filters , such as a A103 which is the TB303 ladder filter , A124 wasp filter which is a fantastic gritty filter from the rare british battery operated synth and the A106-1 which is the korg MS 20 filter and these are just the start this beuti is going to go on for a very long time but just having all these filters being controlled via 4 LFO’s and a ADSR’s (all cv controlled )you can imagine what a gem this is going to be .
This should of happened 20 years ago instead of using hard-wired synths . Even just talking about the build brings my excitement level to the boil . Happy dayz

This is why in a past life I was known as Filterfreak :wink:

I often thought about building a sub base bin but it seemed so technically daunting that i gave up…wish I had your skills to build stuff, would love to be able to do it…good on yer…Kevin

Nice, I’m jealeous :slight_smile:.

just a little teaser for you , the EMS vcs3 vco :wink: ooohhh it’s defiantly happening split :smiley: :smiley:


more teasing TB 303 filter :wink:
303 filter.jpg

no wife then? :laughing:

you are correct :wink:

Sadly, I thought you were actually building a synth, when all you’re actually doing is buying already assembled bits to plug together. Pfft.

I’ve been doing a little of both buying and building synth modules. I’m not very good at it yet, but getting better by the module. Just finished a saw animator module, just started a ring mod/noise module and I’m about half way through building a MIDI to CV converter. But, I’ve purchased quite a few dotCom 5U/MU modules as well as some other custom stuff like EGs with built in VCAs (I actually did the VCA mod, but bought the kits to do them) and an awesome RCD/SCM module.

Modular freakin rocks!