How far back is the grace period usually?

I own an un-registered Cubase 8.5, and am wondering when it would be safe to start using it, assuming 12-31-16 release of Cubase 9.

Anyone know/remember from previous versions?


Rather short, like a month or so.

OK, thanks Strophoid. I thought I had recalled seeing “October XY” for one of the grace period dates, making me think it might have been a couple of months or so. Probably a case of hope-altered memory recall!

Yeah, you may want to wait to install it because Version 9 may be worse! :slight_smile: you may be able to use it on 9.5 :laughing:

To me its not clear if you can use grace period twice or only one time! meaning in different periods of time and cubase versions

Because if i remember correctly it used to be that you can use it only one time… But hopefully this is not the case anymore!

Every new version has a new grace period, as long as you activate your license in or after the grace period you’ll get the latest version for free.

Cheers…Thanks for sorting this out!

A link to the most current grace period was approx 6 weeks…