how filter midi release notes?

have a pno sample set. cannot figure how to filter/remove the release samples that halion plays. during soft passages, this is quite unusable. is there a way to filter these…must be, but cannot figure out…D even transforming release velocities to zero would be fine…Duke

Do you mean HALionOne? If so, which patch? And is it only happening with one patch?

It’s more likely to be the way the sample patch is constructed than an issue that could be cured by MIDI filtering. If it’s a patch in HALionOne, unfortunately it won’t be not editable.

ITS HALION 2.XXX…not the freebie. THE EASTWEST BOSENDORFER 290 sample inst has release samples…sort of little choked off quick muffled sound of the felt hammers readdressing the strings…for added realism. My 25 YO esq 1 kbd sends release note velocities. which trigger these notes WAY TOO LOUD! I need these release midi velicities limited or done away with altogether. Quiet passages sound ridiculous unless you’re very careful to let up on the keys softly, which is how no one plays…Thnx D

There’s a section for HALion 3 and earlier over here: but nobody’s posted there yet …

My guess would be that the sample library itself is primarily to blame if the programmers didn’t take note-off velocity into account, but of course that won’t help you. I’d start though by making sure that the problem is where you think it is … you could use MIDI-OX to examine the MIDI from your master keyboard to make sure it’s sending actual note-off events and not note-on event with zero velocity, but I don’t think that’s the problem because of the way Cubase internally handles notes, which are recorded as note events with a duration, rather than note-on/note-off pairs. Is the problem the same both with HALion 2 standalone and with HALion 2 loaded as a plugin in Cubase?

I’d be inclined to think the best place to tackle this is in HALion 2 itself, unfortunately I’ve never used it but every other sample-playing VSTi I’ve used has some means to adjust release parameters. You’d be looking for something like a release trigger, then look for the amplitude envelope control of that … if it responds to velocity then can that be changed to something constant?

You might want to check whether EastWest have an update for the sample instrument. These kind of things are often fixed with such releases.

If you know there is a release note velocity, just trim it with the MIDI input transformer.

or use the MIDI compressor on that CC


I think it’s called Note Off Velocity. Set it to 0 or 1. Input transformer is great for live work or recording, but to modify existing tracks you can use the logical editor, select only note off events and set all velocities to 0 (or 1).

The transformer won’t work because you can’t differeniate between note on and note off with it – you can only select Note as event type, and the same goes for the Logical Editor. Anyway, like I explained above, IMHO the OPs problem lies with the way the HALion patch is programmed and is probably not anything that can be fixed by manipulating MIDI.

bummer…thanks anyway…Duke

its kind of shocking that these isn’t a simple way to block that note off message. I can’t even find what cc it is???

found it in megatrig…THNX>>>>D

It’s not in MIDI, it’s in the behaviour of what you send MIDI to. It’s not a CC because it’s a note event. There’s no such thing as a “release note” in MIDI, although there is a definition of velocity in a MIDI note-off. AFAIK Cubase neither records not transmits note-off velocity.

You’re looking in the wrong place for the solution to your problem!

So please explain … is this a thing in HALion 2?