How good is chord track at naming chords?

In the C6 key editor the info line tells you what chord the cursor is on. However it often isn’t very good at getting the names right, especially for chords more complex or ambiguous than basic triads. I assume/expect this has been improved in C7, but I’m wondering how well the chord track is at naming chords when analyzing existing chords. A couple of examples from C6 land:

If I have an Fadd9 (F A C G) stacked in that order, it shows up as F9, which seems OK-ish (although without a 7th it should be an add9). But if I drop the G into the bass it now calls the chord Csus4/6, which while not an incorrect name is taking something fairly simple and making it more complex than it needs to be.

If I have a C no3 (C G, aka power chord) it shows up as a C. Again OK although it is making an assumption about the implied 3rd. But if I drop the G into the bass now it says the chord is G, which is just plain wrong.

Also does the chord track take into account key signature in determining names? And if so do you need to put that in via the score editor or can the chord track also handle key signatures?