How good is Dorico at intrepetating "loose" live MIDI performance recording?

I like to avoid quantizing as much as possible when recording in Cubase, keep things feeling vibey.

Are there utilities and strategies for Dorico to import and properly interpret such a MIDI recording?


How to notate a music played with some degree of rhythmic freedom certainly requires some human interpretation as well as software interpretation. I think quantizing in Dorico is the same as in other scoring programs, including the ability to re-quantize a passage differently later.

As for techniques, I think it totally depends on the music. As an ear-transcriber and editor for some decades, I can offer good advice on how something would be well notated, but only if I can examine the music.

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I would think that quantizing a string quartet would be easier than quantizing keyboard music of any complexity given interior voices that might be confused.

What instruments are you using?