How hard would this be to implement

I often want to hear a couple different instruments play their parts together that I’ve already written. However they are parts written in different sections of the composition.

Would it be possible to have a feature where you can, for example, mark bar 4 of the flute, bar 20 of the oboe, and bar 42 of the clarinet and have them all began playing together from their respective points so you can hear the parts played together without actually editing anything first.

This would be an incredible time saver (for me anyway).

I certainly don’t think I’ve heard this request before. It would be quite hard to implement given how playback works with a single concept of where in the flow we’re playing back from, I’m afraid.

I’ve done this before too, but I always just Copy, Paste, Play, Undo. Can DAWs even do this?

perhaps the easiest solution is create a Ghost flow and copy the parts you want to overlay. I work with Cubase and I believe that the only possibility is also in that case to copy what you want in an empty portion of the project

It wasn’t so much that I wasn’t aware of other ways to do it, it’s just that I thought it would be a great shortcut if it could be done. Being able to take a quick listen to different combination of parts without changing a thing seemed like it would be a nice technology addition.

Actually Daniel, this might be quite a USP for Dorico. A bit like sample loops? Studio One has a ‘scratcpad’ idea although I’ve yet to use it. Food for thought.