How has this be recorded?

In this video is about 7.30 a Vn 1 long recorded at top of a string section
Can’t see how this here is recorded ?
Has someone a idea of this ?

I think it is recorded on the usual way in Cubase , but not showed in the video by the maker of this video.
That’s the only explanation i can think on ?

Has someone a another idea of this…?

Sorry, I didn’t watch the whole video, just a short part from 7:30 onwards.
I think that the Vln1 part was played live with the arrangement, so it was not recorded .
Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know

just a guess…

I too guess it’s the retrospective recording function. If you play anything on your MIDI instrument without recording it, Cubase still writes the data to an internal buffer. Shift+Num* inserts the captured data at the selected position.

Thanks all
Retrospective recording it should be used for that track…yes, it must be because later on the track is pasted into cubase.
What recording features has Retrospective recording, probably the same as the regular recording features?
It is not clear yet for me why i should use this retrospective recording.

Later on in the video a track is pasted, so its recorded … :grin:

Wow , this is a interesting function for recording as cycle recording as i just see in one Don’s videos
Improvements to Retrospective MIDI Record | New Features in Cubase 10.5 - Bing video