How hot is your system running?

How did you get the USB device temp?

Eh he-ellooooo!!! With a thermometer, duh!

You might want to try cpuZ to read out temperature, some of the other programs get wrong temperatures.

The SpeedFan program as suggested by a forum member does the trick and lets you do nifty things like adjusting the speed of fans on both the CPU and GPU.

I use HD Tune Pro 5 also

Yes sorry cpuZ does read out the clock, not the temp.
SpeedFan shows wrong temp. Values on 2 of my 4 computers and I don’t trust it. But at least it does not mess with the DPC that some/most of the included tools motherboard manufacturers deliver.

Ok, interesting. I always get fine readings from speedfan, with the exception of 1 sensor that reads -128, I don’t even know which sensor that is but all the relevant thermometers are fine in my experience.

I tried HD Tune Pro but also an alternative (free) program called CrystalDiskInfo, which can let you know when a hard drive is on the way out.

The useful information given relates to:

  • Current Pending Sector Count


  • Uncorrectable Sector Count

I believe if the Current Pending sector value is low, then it is not ready to fail but the latter Uncorrectable Count is the one to look out for.

According to ‘iStat menus’:

43c on the lo side
53c on the hi side.


My CPU Temp is running 10 - 15 degrees cooler when Cubase 7 or 8 is not running. :astonished:

4790k , noctua fan + fractal case. from 30° to 45° idle/heavy load.

Never heard anything so ridiculous and absurd!!!

Air cooling IS pointless - it’s making CPUs run at their upper physical limits all the time and it’s loud like hell.

Personally I would not recommend running a modern CPU under air cooling at all - water is the way to go.

If you drink it, yes.

It is if you are from Atlantis! Crap, you would die if you breathed air!

Well, I’ve run my OCd Q6600 with cheap air cooling at it’s ‘upper physical limit’ (around 85C and well above) for over seven years. No problems and not much noise in a quiet Antec case.

Still pointless?

I try to avoid drinking water, fish f++k in it :wink:.

i7 4820k in a Fractal Designs case… NEVER gets above 45 deg cpu or 35 deg system temps… and it’s very QUIET!!!