How i can add wanted symbol what is centered with rests and is beetween grand staff?

how i can add wanted symbol what is centered with rests and is beetween grand staff? related how harp damping symbol should marked.

What symbol is it exactly? Can you upload an example of what you’re after?

If it’s the symbol like below, select the rhythmic position where you want the symbol on the lower staff, press Shift-P, and then type damp into the popover.

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 10.06.08 am

Saddly lover stave not have rest likely top one where i can center it. Or is there possiblity?.
And exactly this symbol. Or such cases but only stave where is notes.

Or add it to the top staff, flip it below the staff (either using the key command F or selecting the playing technique and using its Placement property in the lower zone) and then tweak its exact position in Engrave mode.

You can add notations wherever you like, you don’t have to select rests or notes: show the caret (key command Shift-N or just double-click on a staff) and with the caret showing, input the notation you want. It will be input at the position of the caret. You can use this technique to add notations in the middle of tie chains, for example.

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Only problem if i need multiple damp symbols getting them same relative position is hard. my eyes are not best tool for it.

Don’t forget that you can set all items to precisely the same vertical position by selecting them all (and only them), then setting the Y offset property in the Properties panel to the same value.

Founding perfect value is hard. test case i almost found but using 10 seconds for such slow. when i think somekind helping tools can be designed.