How i can set the vst in / outs permanently?

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In Cubase it works like described aboth. Is there a possibillity to set the in / outs also permanently in nuendo 5. I know, i can make presets for it but it would more easy for me to have the setting permanent.

Thx in advance - Chris

In German:

Ich würde Nuendo gerne so einstellen, dass er vom Start weg gleich die VST-Verbindungen so nimtm wie ich sie einmal eingestellt habe. In Cubase ging das :wink: Würde einen Arbeitsschritt ersparen, besonders wenn man häufig umherswitcht nervt es…

create a project wth the desired connections and save it as a template.

Thank you for your replay. This is also the way it works best for me.

Neverless i would like to know is there a way to set the conenctions in permanent? Because i think in cubase it was possible and my studio-mate asked me because he don’t like working with templates (hes a guitarist :laughing: )

I can hardly imagine this has ever been possible in Cubase, but I love to stand corrected.

However, since you always start with a template, in which situation could it be useful to have fixed connections ? When you receive a npr or cpr from another studio, it is very unlikely that it will match your setup without manual adjustment, unless it only uses one main stereo bus for output.

So, I think there is no “easy” way, though it’s not too tough :wink:


Thank your very much. I have fixed the “problem” by teaching my mate to start with a template :wink: