How I connect a analog compressor to the ur44

Hi guys.

I m really new into this topic I have no idea how to connect everything right.

I bought a analog compressor tegeler audio manufacture cremé bus compressor


Lowcut-Filter: 60-120Hz
Attack: 0,1-0,3-1-3-10-30ms
Release: 100-300-600ms-1,2s-Auto
Ratio: 1,5-2-4-10
gerasterte Potis
Frequenzgang: 20 - 40.000 Hz +/- 1,5dB
Symmetrischer Ein- und Ausgang
interne Stromversorgung mit hochwertigem Ringkerntransformator
Höhe: 88,4mm (2HE), Breite: 483mm, Tiefe: 250mm

How I have to connect everything?

And what I have to do with vst- connection in cubase 8.5?

Create an extern effekt? New Bus? And how to route them?

Would be great if some one could help me.

Take care