how i create a "bracket above" line above selected notes on a single staff?

I know in Sibelius I’d just choose it from “Lines” but how do I do it here? Thanks!

  • D.D.

There’s no good way to do this yet, but you can use a 1:1 tuplet and then hide its number via Properties.

Thanks, Daniel - fingers crossed that you add that soon (I know I personally use it all the time, but I know you have tons on your plate, of course). I’ve tried your suggestion and am admittedly having difficulty. I’d like in this attached image’s bar to place the brackets such that they appear starting on the downbeat of the bar that’s to the right of where it says “tbn” and then continue it through beat 2 of the next bar. I know once I figure out how to generate the bracket I can extend it in properties, but how do I create it? Do I need to create a second voice or something?:
Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 5.41.47 PM.png
Thanks again -

  • D.D.

For a bracket that would cover (say) a whole note, you’d choose a quarter from the panel, then type ; to open the tuplets popover, and enter 4:4 as the ratio, then hit Return. Then you have a tuplet you can work with via Properties.

That works “ok”, Daniel, but I noticed that when I look at the individual part after creating the “fake bracket” in the score and adjusting it’s X and Y axis to make it get close to what I’m trying to achieve, the manner in which I previously set it up in the score is no longer preserved in the part version. By the same token, I had also set some notes in the score to be “cue”-sized notes (in the properties panel at bottom), but their appearance is ALSO not preserved in the Part version, which seems surprising to me. Is there any way to not have to create these workarounds twice for each instrument (once for the score and once for the part)? Thanks again.

  • D.D.

In general changes you make in properties are not applied to all layouts, so that you have full flexibility in the appearance and positioning of items in multiple layouts without running into limitations in the degrees of flexibility Dorico allows. The flip side of this is that at the moment there’s no way to sync the properties between multiple layouts, so you do end up making some adjustments more than once. This is something we are planning to change as soon as we can.

That’s surprising (as much as you plan to change this to offer more flexibility soon) - I guess I’m used to the idea that a change to the score propagates to the parts by default (as in Sibelius). Without this being the case, the bracket workaround just feels too cumbersome to bother trying to do it (until it’s properly added in the future) but thanks for the reply…