How i fix thiS problem?

cubase midi editor’s pitch isn’t same instrument piano roll pitch.
How i fix it? same this problem studio one, pro tools.
Not fl studio only.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If the same problem is in other DAWs, then the problem is most probably on the plug-in side.

Also make sure, there is no Transpose track involved, or the MIDI Part is not transposed, or there is no MIDI Modifier Transpose.

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Could this have to do with the Yamaha MIDI convention option? I think it maps middle C to C3 or C4 (depending on the option on or off)?

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Sorry for that. I solved. I have used only fl studio several years. Fl studio root note is different other daw root note.
fl root note is “c5”. othre daw is “c3”. Fl studio hmm…