How i get free cubase 12 update (cyberweek21)

Hey I bought Cubase 11 pro update form 10.5 pro on december last year and promotion update to Cubase 12 free. how i get cubase 12 update ?

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Simply open the Downlead Assistant and let it update. When it is done, download Cubase 12 and install it. Takes a while.

When you get it all done, Open the Activation Manager and log in.
Select your user button in the top right. Click Check For Grace period.
It will stop upgrades on the dongle through the eLicenser to keep you from doing it more than once.

Wait for the email. Copy and paste the key into the → Download Manager

Go back to the Activation Manager and click activate.

Open Cubase 12, Get up. Sit down. get up again, sit down again. Ponder deep thoughts. play for a bit, come back here and join in the glee.