How I solved most of my issues with Nuendo and Cubase in Mac

Hello all,

I’m writing to explain how I solved 90% of my issues in Nuendo 6 (Mac Pro) and Cubase 7 (MacBook Air). This was posted before in the Nuendo 6 forum.

In my country, Steinberg support (managed by Yamaha) is nearly to zero: they want to help, but they don’t know a thing about how to solve almost any issue, so I’ve been investing my time (and feeding my desperation) to solve my issues. I’ve opened another threads in this forum, but they are now locked (and without any valuable information from Steinberg but a “it works here”), so this is how I’ve solved the biggest issues with Nuendo 6.0.5 and Cubase 6.0.5

1st. Random crashes, with big and small projects, with different plugins in several situations. Untraceable if you don’t know how to read the crash logs.
2nd. GUI crashes.
3rd. Video service is currently not responsive and issues with Blackmagic Intensity (tested only in Nuendo).

1st. I’ve found that the random crashes were due the infamous 2,x GB RAM limit in 32 bit processes in Mac, so I’ve moved to 64 bits. Moving to 64 bits implies that your old 32 bit plugins may not work as expected. Furthermore, some 64 bit plugins are not tested enough and they are pretty unstable yet. To solve all these issues, I use jBridge for Mac (, an amazing piece of software, cheap as chips, that wrap and bridge among your plugins and your DAW. I use to bridge 32 bit AND 64 bit plugins, so if one of them crashes, you can save and reopen the session without DAW crashes.

2nd. There is no solution to some of (not common) GUI crashes. I think that Nuendo/Cubase GUI code need some cleaning.

3rd. There is no solution for the video issue. I don’t even know that Steinberg is aware of it.

I’ve been updating my Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and downloading a demo of Reaper, thinking about to move forward from Nuendo. Steinberg’s workflow and tools are the best in the industry, but I’m thinking that being outside of the “standard path” (Logic+Pro Tools) is giving me more troubles than benefit. Anyway, now, I’m enjoying the current situation and brand new stability as long as it lasts.

I hope this help.


Aloha A,

and thanks for the post and the info.

If you updated your system, why didn’t try a PC environment?

Because of logic x?


Because I don’t want to move to windows

That’s clear (because you are still in Mac) what I wanted to know is “why” :laughing:

I’m working in two universities one with a lot of MACs for audio, and the other one with Windows. And I found problems in both environments.

It’s off topic, but its OK :slight_smile:

1st, I don’t like the Windows GUI and workflow.
2nd. Years ago, I used to work servicing computers and I got tired of the register, the drivers and other Windows bulls**t.
3rs. Mac needs less maintenance, so I can spend more time doing other things.
4th. I can swap OS drives among Macs, start the OS from external drives, and all those things that make your life happier and easier when something fails.
5th. I don’t want to have an antivirus that uses half of my CPU or having my computer isolated from the Internet.
6th. I can use my systems for longer time. My last Mac Pro lasted 7 years. That’s five times any PC that I’ve ever have. I have to say that this Mac NEVER needed any servicing. Up and running for 7 years, 15 hour and 7 days a week.

I have a custom PC with Windows 7 just for the Orchestra libraries and it works great and it’s very stable (never failed) but I just run 1 program and with no Internet connection :slight_smile:

I see, I never really used any AntiV, really I saw flaws in both (OS and W).

I really asked because I’m seeing a lot of problems with Cubendo in MAC.

:smiley: Thanks for share your experience :smiley:

I have to say it is true,

I was on Mac before and we moved 3 studios over to Windows, and Cubase rocks, doesn´t ever crash even in 32 bit.

I was a die hard Mac guy for 15 years but now I´m happy using Windows 7 and 8 with no problems and the hardware costs half of the Apple hardware…

I don´t want to persuade you, just telling you my experience…

PS: I also do video…