How I solved most of my issues with Nuendo

Hello all,

I’m writing to explain how I solved 90% of my issues in Nuendo 6.
In my country, Steinberg support (managed by Yamaha) is nearly to zero: they want to help, but they don’t know a thing about how to solve almost any issue, so I’ve been investing my time (and feeding my desperation) to solve my issues. I’ve opened another threads in this forum, but they are now locked (and without any valuable information from Steinberg but a “it works here”), so this is how I’ve solved the biggest issues with Nuendo 6.0.5

1st. Random crashes, with big and small projects, with different plugins in several situations. Untraceable if you don’t know how to read the crash logs.
2nd. GUI crashes.
3rd. Video service is currently not responsive and issues with Blackmagic Intensity

1st. I’ve found that the random crashes were due the infamous 2,x GB RAM limit in 32 bit processes in Mac, so I’ve moved to 64 bits. Moving to 64 bits implies that your old 32 bit plugins may not work as expected. Furthermore, some 64 bit plugins are not tested enough and they are pretty unstable yet. To solve all these issues, I use jBridge for Mac (, an amazing piece of software, cheap as chips, that wrap and bridge among your plugins and your DAW. I use to bridge 32 bit AND 64 bit plugins, so if one of them crashes, you can save and reopen the session without DAW crashes.

2nd. There is no solution to some of (not common) GUI crashes. I think that Nuendo GUI code need some cleaning.

3rd. There is no solution for this issue. I don’t even know that Steinberg is aware of it.

This week I’ve been updating my Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and downloading a demo of Reaper, thinking about to move forward from Nuendo. Steinberg’s workflow and tools are the best in the industry, but I’m thinking that being outside of the “standard path” (Logic+Pro Tools) is giving me more troubles than benefit. Anyway, I’ll enjoy the current situation and brand new stability as long as it lasts.

I hope this help

I’ve been using N6.0.5. for last month. N6.0.5 is unusable, crashes randomly because GUI, plug-ins… It has a very poor performance too compared to N5.5.5. Video crashes application…

I use DM2000 for remote control and I’ve to type lots of keystrokes for example to select arrange or mixer. If they are opened but not selected and you want to select for example mixer (with F3 or dedicated key in DM2000) first N& closes mixer and you’ve to keystroke again to open it. In N5 when you type F3 simply Mixer window becomes active, independently it is selected or not.

Steinberg doesn’t says anythingabout all those and other issuer. What is happening with this version?

Try what I did. It’s almost magic

Yes… the F3 issue is quite annoying. Selecting/deselecting a mixer should not be an issue. Nuendo will simply disappear randomly if I am on the insert section of the mixer and then press F3. The fastest crash I have ever seen. In a blink it will be gone.

Apparently this happens in the new Cubase as well. I hope this will be resolved, as for now I just have to save every 30 seconds I work on a project in fear of losing my work.

Hi Antonio. I’ve tried your trick and it works fine!

Now N6 performance seems like N5 and no random crashes. GUI is hard yet but I expect for a solution in next update.
jBridgeM is doing well its job.

If you come to Zaragoza we’ll take a beer together!!

Thanks Antonio.

It’s good to know that it helped you!

jBridge is dirty cheap and works great! It needs some improvements yet (i.e. avoid to crash the entire thread if something crashes), but it saved my life/time when I decided to move to PT HD 10.

See you around!