How important is linear phase eq in parallel compression?

I know theoretically a “regular” eq can cause phase problems in that situation, yet I rarely if ever hear of linear phase eq being used instead. Can “good” music be engineered without a linear phase eq when using parallel compression, or similar processes? Thanks!

A non linear phase EQ is absolutely fine for parallel compression, any so called phasing does not cause noticeable delays in the signal, at most it can result in a little smearing of the affected frequencies, if you can actually hear anything. In fact Linear Phase EQ’s require More delay compensation by the host, due to the nature of the beast.

Thanks, Split. It’s the smearing that I was wondering about. I don’t hear it myself, but that’s not saying much! I’ve read, e.g., by Mike Senior, that he always uses the linear phase eq to avoid it, but if it’s not audible to someone like you, I will relegate this problem to way down on my list of things to be concerned about!

Yeah… I really wouldn’t worry about it, all analog EQ’s do the same thing and it never bothered anyone. In fact in well designed EQ’s it can be desirable (part of the character)!!! the shift in phase relationship between frequencies is very, very small compared to what we would consider unacceptable.