How interoperable are Cubase and Nuendo?

I want to collaborate with someone, remotely, who uses the current version of Nuendo. I’m running Cubase 13 Pro.

I want to know what the limits of interoperability are:

  • Can we each work on the same project?
  • Can both of us import/export without major hiccoughs (being of course aware that some features are not shared).
  • Can Nuendo users use VST Connect with Cubase users?


Nuendo is Cubase with the post-production features.

You can exchange the files easily. You cannot work on the same project at the same time and update it with the revision changes etc. This is Nuendo only. You can also import/export worth no problem. And yes, VST Connect is available for both Cubase and Nuendo.

Nuendo is Cubase Pro with some added features. Don’t use those features and you’ll be golden.


If you think about it as Cubase-Cubase cooperation, you get the same with Nuendo-Cubase.

Better to mention, Cubase Pro can open Nuendo project file (*.npr) and vice versa.

Thanks Martin … I think I’d assumed both programs had been converging more, to the point of parallel functionality.

Thanks Johnny … sounds perfect!