How is a Cubase Update Supposed to Go?

So I install Cubase 10.5, and launch it for the first time. After activation, and then relaunching it, this is what happens:

  1. It needs to rescan plugins, but doesn’t find most of them
  2. The Hub isn’t showing any recent projects
  3. Some settings are different, so I…
  4. Open the profile manager and load my last Cubase profile
  5. Restart Cubase
  6. Now it finds the missing plugins (blacklist is different so some plugins need to be reactivated)
  7. The Hub still doesn’t show any recent projects

Is this normal? Is there a procedure for updating Cubase that I’m missing other than install the update?

Cubase has the worst upgrade experience of any DAW I’ve used (Studio One, Sonar, Reaper), by far!

How Cubase SHOULD update.

  1. I install the Cubase update
  2. All applicable settings, plugin folders, key commands, recent projects, profile stuff, etc. carry over from prior version


Is my experience typical?

No and yes.
Usually upgrades carry over all the old settings for me.
Sometimes it doesn’t.

Does anyone have any idea why sometimes it’s seamless and other times it’s not?

I stumbled upon this post, which actually did the trick and got the preferences corrected.

Now Steinberg just needs to fix whatever it is that prevents it from working in the first place.

Have you used the Cubase Upgrade Installer or the full one?

Cubase upgrade installer.

Weird. I’ve never had problems with this but it seems frequent for each upgrade.

I was surprised that deleting the folder and relaunching Cubase fixes it. I suspect there’s some bug which only appears in certain situation that Steiny knows about just has never gotten around to fixing.