How is CB 12.0.70 doing now for everyone?

I have a very stable 12.0.60 here so I’m reluctant to update, but it’s always nice to have some bug fixes so long as there are not new problems which will affect me.

So how is it for you?


If you are on Windows, you can install the update. If it doesn’t work for you, you can uninstall just the update.

If you are on Mac, you can rename Cubase 12 application (for example Cubase 12.0.60). Then you can install Cubase 12 again (to get Cubase 12.0.70). If it doesn’t work for you, you can go back to your renamed Cubase 12.0.60.

To answer your original question, Cubase 12.0.70 is working very well here on my side.


Thanks for your comments. I don’t have your faith in the uninstall programme to save the day, so I always do a full sys drive image clone befroe updating any software. :+1:


Me neither. That’s one of the reasons, why I’m using Mac. :wink:

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I am also still on 12.0.60 as the reported fixes for the latest maintenance release did not touch my workflow. So I don’t have an incentive to update.
Just relax and continue with 12.0.60 unless that stuff in MIDI Remote that got fixed is something that you rely on.

Macs are just as bad in their own way. I’ve used both professionally for 30 years, and always grin when someone tries to tell me the grass is greener on the other side. :rofl:


FWIW 12.0.70 is running flawlessly for me.

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The update works flawlessly here. Windows 10. Not a problem at all.

Still can’t make me coffee! :rage:

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Thanks everyone.

Running really well (}besides known bugs). If anything causes an issue its usually 3rd party plugin related. I am on Windows 11

For me works fine in terms of stability you know that you will only find out once you install due to your system config if you on Windows and third party plugins you use.

Having issues but running 3rd party plug-ins… Kind of disappointing I have to go through an hour or 2 of trouble shooting every time I want to open Cubase and use another plug-in. I’ve accumulates weeks of trouble shooting and it continues to be elusive. Everything will run fine, then I come back to open a new session and have to go through yet another session of trouble shooting before I can use the software. Frustrating as F… I have to take a nap afterwards haha

Just completed my own tests.

12.0.70 has problems here. Projects with many tracks and many plugs (90% FabFilter and some Waves) are crackling and stuttering badly every time I play them.

After downgrading back to 12.0.60, which was perfect for my purposes before these tests, I find it still plays the same complex projects perfectly again every time.

I wish these things weren’t so flakey. I realise things are complex, but that is simply all the more reason to have more testing.

This is the second time I have upgraded to 12.0.70 and both times I had the same problems with it.

12.0.60 working perfectly, so that’s good, but why do these updates continue to be so dodgy with Steinberg? It’s been a while…

12.0.70 works well on my Hackintosh with Monterey. In fact, all 12.x versions worked well, on 2 different Hackintoshes.

Occasional hiccups or weirdness are totally related to having 1088(!) 3rd party plug-ins… Yes, really that many.

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I have many (all legitimate) plugins, and 12.0.60 works perfectly for all my needs.

12.0.70 stutters and crackles every few seconds. Completely unusable.

I’ve installed 12.0.70 on two occasions now and have immediately had to return to 12.0.60.

It’s very frustrating, but I can work fine in 12.0.60, so that is good.

Working fine with Windows 10. Any probs normally due to third party software.

Working fine for me. Windows 11 FWIW.