How is Cubase 11?

I’m running Cubase 10.5.2 on macOS Catalina and it’s the most unstable version of any DAW I’ve used. Horrendous CPU usage with random spikes on small projects, even at 2048 samples. I can run much larger projects in Pro Tools and Logic without any problems.

I’ve noticed that lots of other people are having similar issues. Has Steinberg addressed this in Cubase 11? Is it worth upgrading? I’m also afraid to go to Big Sur lol.

Welcome to the forum, @hilerupal58!

I generally hold off on upgrading (i.e. Big Sur) for a good while… the number and complexity of softwares I need to run and my general lack of time to fiddle with upgrades-gone-bad being the most important factors. Thus, I have not and will not be upgrading at the moment. However, some of our peers here have, and they may have more up-to-date information for you on this.

As far as Cubase 10.5, did you by chance upgrade from a previous version, e.g. Cubase 10? Not sure if this will help you, but the licenses are retroactive, so you could run 10 with a 10.5 license. I have resorted to this in the past.

Anyway, Big Sur—anyone?