How is Cubase with VERY large templates?


I wonder if I can ask experienced users how reliable they find Cubase to be with very large templates (1,000 tracks and more). I’m a long term Logic Pro user, and although I have licenses for Cubase and Nuendo, I haven’t used either for many years. I’m thinking of moving back to Cubase (or possibly Nuendo) because Logic seems to be stagnating a little, and seems to struggle with very large templates.

I’m aware that an increasing number of film composers use Cubase, and that many of them use very high track counts in their templates, and wondered if I could get some feedback on generally how Cubase behaves with this kind of setup. Also, does Nuendo have any writing/arrangement benefits besides it’s post features, or is Cubase now feature-complete (relative to Nuendo) for composition and production?

Final question - are there benefits to running the Cubendo family on Mac or PC? I’m currently Mac based, thinking of a new Mac Pro, but equally happy to move back to Windows. Does one particular platform tend to be more stable than the other, and is 64bit now equally supported on both?

Many thanks in advance for any help or feedback.