How is it possible!?

How is it possible,

that… there are other programs… (some costing only 60 USD and others known for also being good for LIVE performance)… that can draw and manipulate complex lfo shapes directly in automation lanes _ AND_ can freely assign lfos, step sequencers and envelope followers to virtually ANY plugin parameter and ANY controllable mixer parameter… BUT

The company that INVENTED vst STILL makes it difficult, if not impossible to assign even their meager midilfo (let alone a 3rd party lfo) to a single plugin parameter, unless it’s in one of their own proprietary plugins?

HOW!? What happens at the meetings where they discuss adding new features… how do they think addressing that issue Isn’t a priority?

Asking as someone who just purchased Cubase 11

Strindberg et al, PLEASE fix this issue, YESTERDAY!



Which issue?
Not for me btw…

Yes, what is your request? The post seems more like a general complaint than a request for something in particular.

What, for example can you not do, but want to do?

The issue I’m referring to is delineated in my original post… That you don’t find the need to do this is important for you, doesn’t mean that it’s not important for anyone else especially in a piece of software that markets itself to dance and pop music producers put out by the company who invented VST.

My request is delineated in my original post… What I cannot do or at least cannot do easily in a manner that does not interrupt workflow or creativity is delineated in my original post… If there’s something in my verbiage that you don’t understand please quote the sentences that are confusing you and I will be happy to rephrase them in a manner that you may hopefully understand if you feel it’s important to you that you understand me.

after all it is not an issue
if you “need” a feature then buy a software that has this feature
or write a feature request

but this kind of post… especially as the first one…

It’s not an issue, for you or for people who don’t know what I’m talking about because they’ve never experienced being able to do what my post is referring to… It is however an issue for me and others who have already made the feature request countless times…

So my question remains, how is it possible that the company that invented VST is not able to EASILY expose the parameters of all vst plugins to rhythmic or non-rhythmic automation / modulation; whether it is by LFO, step sequencer, envelope follower OR pre-codedd LFO drawing tools, but other companies in both America and Germany are able to do so and have been doing so for years.

Steinberg Yamaha is a multinational partnership upon whose collective headquarters the Sun never sets… Who is making the decision to deprecate a feature that all modern music Makers want to have available to them… Who is continuously deciding to turn the blind eye to a feature that even a small company that makes a 60.00 daw has been able to implement…The huge global Yamaha Steinberg doesn’t seem to have the will to implement a feature that I honestly thought would already be included in their flagship product.

How, is, that, possible?!